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Placement For Those In Recovery

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Placement For Those In Recovery

Placement For Those In Recovery, working with addicted individuals from the streets to a successful life in society, assisting them on their way to recovery

We will hold their hand through a progression of recovery to assist them with housing, treatment, transportation, and employment, until they are ready to integrate back into society.

Are you . . 

  • In addiction in hopes of putting your life back together?
  • A parent looking for hope for your son or daughter who is in addiction?
  • A medical or care facility seeking a referral for a patient?

    Give us a call and let us open a door of hope for you or the person you are helping. We will provide transportation to a place to stay.
“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” – Robert Collier

We contract with those in recovery to:

  • Help with housing placement
  • Walk them through recovery
  • Help find employment
  • Assist with re-entry back into society

Help with Placement

Placement begins with a phone interview to determine the person's needs. We make placement based on needs to one of three options:

  • Detox - Detox can take from 24 hrs to 28 days 
  • Crises Center - This is a short-term placement to get beyond the crises. Depending on the circumstances, a person will transition from here to either detox or transitional living. 
  • Transitional Living - As long as a person meets the requirements, living in this setting has no time limit. 

Regardless of the initial placement, the goal is always to transition back into society.

Walk through recovery

Once we make the initial placement, we will serve as a bridge connecting the individuals from one phase to the next.

We will always be there for you, from your first day in the program to when you're ready to move on. We'll pick you up and help get you situated at your initial placement before moving on (whether that's from Crises Center to Detox or Detox to Transitional Living). Change can be challenging, but our commitment is to be there through it all to make things as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Our eventual goal is to help you move out into society. We will be there to help with the transition every step of the way.

Find Employment

When an individual enters Transitional Living, they will be able to seek employment. Each facility we work with connects people with corporations that provide job opportunities. These opportunities become the first step back into the world of employment, but it also gives access to other jobs that can assist them in moving out into society.

Re-entry to society

Ultimately, this journey aims to help the individual to gain independence and rejoin society unaided. At each stop, they will need to take responsibility for themselves and show that they can support themselves without assistance from others.

Call now to find hope, get help, & get started:

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We found hope

We didn't know where to turn!

These parents didn't know where to turn to help their son who was on drugs.

Read their story . . .

About 18 months ago on a cold winter night, a friend approached me at a William Chrisman basketball game. I could tell he was distressed and I asked him if there was anything I could do to help him. He then told me that he and his wife did not know where to turn. Their son had been struggling with addiction and despite their best efforts he was still struggling and not winning the fight of his life.

I then told him that I attended a church that had a ministry that could help him. I told him about the Good Foundation and told him that I had seen many people who had participated in the Good Foundation and were leading successful lives of recovery. I then told him that the only way his son was going to recover was to get into a structured residential program where he had to be accountable to others for his recovery. He had to undergo random drug testing and he was required to be employed. I told him that he needed to attend regular meetings and to fight this fight with the help of others who knew how to help him recover.

I then texted my dear friend, Joshua Patterson, who had started the Good Foundation and operated several recovery houses to see if we could get this man’s son into the program. He then texted me Darrin Jackson’s phone number and I gave it to my friend.

The next time I saw my friend was several months later and he was overwhelmed with emotion as he thanked me for helping his son. I told him all I did was give him a phone number and he told me that simple act saved his son from the life of addiction and re-united their family.

The good news is that his son has graduated from the Good Foundation and is now employed full time as a drug counselor in a recovery program. He has been sober for 18 months and he is like the Prodigal Son who has returned to his father and mother and rejoined their family. I received the nicest message from my friend last Thanksgiving telling me that I would always be a special “member” of his family. In March of this year, he celebrated a year of sobriety. Without the helping hand of the Good Foundation, they might still be searching for help. 

I'm living proof . . .
Anyone can do it!

The Good Foundation was an instrumental part of my recovery and discovering sobriety. Joshua Patterson and the organization share their experience, strength and hope with the men and women who need it to succeed. It’s living proof that ANYONE can do it.

- Matthew J. Miller -

Disclaimer for Community Volunteer Recovery Placement

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